Warrenmount CED Centre runs courses at FETAC Levels 2 to 5

FETAC is the organisation that awards the Certificates to learners. For more information on FETAC see www.fetac.ie

Each FETAC course consists of individual subject components. A component is a self-contained unit of study that may be combined with other components leading to certification.
Components at level 4 & 5 are graded as follows:

Pass 50% - 64%
Merit 65% - 79%
Distinction 80% - 100%

Components at level 3 are not graded. They are deemed ‘successful’ or ‘unsuccessful.’

Please note that learners doing FETAC courses should be available to attend all classes.
Warrenmount Centre will avail of regular FETAC assessments

FETAC Results:

When FETAC results are available you will receive a text message. You then have 15 days to collect your folder/s and appeal your results if necessary. Unclaimed folders will be disposed of after 1 month.

FETAC Certificates:
Warrenmount hosts regular Presentations when learners who have successfully completed a FETAC course receive their certificate. Certificates not collected will be disposed of after 15 days.

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